Reflecting on 2015

Can you believe 2015 is at its end? I know everyone says that every year, but I do think its important to reflect on the year and thank God for His blessings and grow from the trials. 2015 has been, for me, a year of learning new routines. This year I started this blog, and through that I really believe God has placed new dreams in my heart. We’ve made our house a home this year, and I’ve worked to be intentional about what our home looks like and feels like. We’ve been able to travel to new places together this year, and try new things (like my first time being a vendor at a craft market!). This year has been our first full calendar year of marriage, and in this year we’ve continued to chip away toward our goal of becoming debt free. We aren’t finished, but we’re moving. We’re getting there. Paying off debt is a life of sacrifice, saying no to things, and saying yes to contentment. Did I mention it’s also really hard?  We’re doing it though, and we’re proud of our progress.

Lest you think this year has been perfect, I can assure you it hasn’t been. We’ve faced disappointments, mulled over really tough decisions, emotionally prepared ourselves for a big move only to have it fall through at the last moment. I’ve felt frustrated with the slow rate we’ve been able to pay off debt, I’ve struggled to find contentment in our home, and I’ve felt unfulfilled creatively. I’m so thankful to have had Ethan by my side every step of this year. We’ve walked together, cried together, prayed together, and hoped together. This year has had highs and lows, and I know next year will be no different in having imperfections. However, I’m looking forward to a fresh start and the things that 2016 will bring.

This year, I want to work on all of these things. I want to paint more, make more, and fall in love with the place we call home. I want to blog more, pay off more debt, be more intentional with my time and my goals for the future.

When it comes to our house, I have big plans. I want to get rid of the excess, and purge all the unnecessary items. My husband might not be prepared for it yet, but I’m deeming this year the year of the garbage bag. By that, I mean, I’m bagging up as much as I can and getting it out! I want to spend time organizing, clearing out, and enjoying space. Because (as embarrassed as I am to tell you this), we actually have a room in our house called “the back room.” It’s an unused bedroom off the master that houses my closet, a plethora of guitars, amps, laundry hampers, an ironing board, and senseless piles of workout clothes and gym bags. I think most people probably have some sort of space like this in their home, but I’m telling you, ours is bad. We haven’t touched it since we got married, and this year I want to abolish the mess.

I’ve been meaning to read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, and I’ll be doing that soon and getting a move on things. I am looking forward to the calmness and freedom that cutting back will bring. I’m not about to get crazy and move into a tiny house or anything, but I am looking forward to being serious about a change in our lifestyle. Those are my thoughts on the New Year. What are yours? I’d love to hear about what your plans are for 2016! That’s all for today, friends! Have a fabulous day!

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