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Valentine’s Day Styling and a Free Printable

Hey you guys! I hope you’re doing well! Can you believe how quickly we’ve flown through the month of January?! I’m not going to lie, but springtime is already on my mind. Obviously I’m a bit premature, but the tempuratures have been in the seventies the past few days, and the birds have been chirping in the mornings when I’m waking up. It’s a beautiful feeling y’all. I’m sure it’ll turn cold again, but for now I’m enjoying the hint of spring. Anyway, now that January is coming to an end, Valntine’s Day is just around the corner!

Now, I’ll be the first to say that Valentine’s Day decorating is not really my thing. I”m just not into the bright colors and seasonally distinctive decor, especially right after all the Christmas decor has come down. I did however, want to give a little nod to the upcoming holiday in the most neutral way possible. I hand lettered this print you see here one evening.

shelf8 shelf5

Although it’s not technically Valentines-y, I do think it gives a little nod to the theme of the holiday, and it doesn’t hurt that it comes from a favorite passage of scripture.

shelf6 shelf3 shelf2

I’m definitely going to leave this up after Vaentine’s Day though, because I think it works well in all seasons. Which, in my opinion, makes the best decor. The less stuff I have to change out after each holiday, the better.

I wanted to share with you guys this little print that I made. I’ve never done this (or anything like this before), but I wanted a way to share my new hobby with y’all. My writing is totally imperfect, and this print IS handmade, but if there’s someone out there who doesn’t mind the imperfections, then I think it’s worth sharing. I’m always looking for cheap ways to decorate my home, and hand lettered notes have become my go-to accessory.

If you’d like your own downloadable copy, you can click here. Mine is printed in an 8×10 format, but it will look great as a 5×7 print too. Thanks for letting me share my little hobby with y’all. I’d love to know how you’d use this little print in your own home.

Well, I’m off to run some errands, I hope you have some fun things planned today! That’s all for today friends, have a fabulous day!


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