Twenty Four Things

Hey y’all! I hope you’re having a great day! Today is my twenty fourth birthday, and although I normally don’t like to advertise that it’s my birthday (it may be my introverted side that doesn’t like to call attention to myself), I thought it might be a good time to share a few things you might not know about me! I love when bloggers share more personal things about themselves on their platforms, and so I’d like to share twenty four things you may not know about me (on my twenty fourth birthday)!

One. I am really short. I’m only 5’2, and Ethan is a foot taller than me, making me feel even shorter. I’m always the shortest person in the group picture…sigh.

Two. I love watching documentaries. I know that they’re usually made to persuade an audience, but I don’t even care. I’m persuaded.

Three. We are working our way through Dave Ramsey’s financial baby steps. Au revoir, student loans, you’re getting out of here! (Seriously though, trying to pay off students loans as quickly as possible has caused so many of our lifestyle choices. I love talking about it, but hate to be too pushy. 😉 )

Four. Most of my wardrobe has some form of blue in it. What can I say? I guess it’s my color.

Five. Interior design/home decor is something I never knew I was interested in until I was an adult. Oops.

Six. Chocolate is most definitely a food group. I consume more candy regularly than a six year old on Halloween.

Seven. Coffee is not my thing. No matter what, I just can’t get on that train. I like about one flavor of tea, and that’s about it in the cafe drink selection. Don’t invite me to a coffee house. I’ll be like a fish out of water.

Eight. I teach first grade, and sometimes my teacher voice comes out a little too embarrassingly in non-school settings.

Nine. I am completely introverted. ISFJ for life! I’m a total homebody, and enjoy spending time at home.

Ten. I am what I’d call a yo-yo runner. Meaning I do it for a while and then lose interest. Then I quit. Then a month or two later I have to start all over again. Several years ago, I did complete several lengthy races, but I’m afraid those days are long over!

Eleven. I’m the biggest Julie Andrews fan. I have seen The Sound of Music only about nine million times. I’m obsessed with her.

Twelve. I can’t wait to buy a house. I’ve got house fever real bad. But, patience is a virtue, my friends. Eventually, we’d like to purchase a historic home in our neighborhood and restore it, but for now it’s just a dream.

Thirteen. I love to bake. But cooking dinner is a chore. This might just be due to the fact that I love sweets, but I do love to bake! My mom is a really great baker, and I’m slowly improving on my skills. I hate thinking about coming home after a long day at work though and cooking. I have to be in a certain mood to bake, but when it hits, it hits!

Fourteen. Flea markets are my jam. I’m always on the lookout for something I won’t be able to find anywhere else. Recently I’ve been trying to collect vintage Better Homes and Gardens cookbooks. You know, the classic red and white gingham pattern? So far I have about five or six different editions, and I hope to have all of them someday. It’s the cookbook I grew up on, and it has the perfect chocolate chip cookie recipe.

Fifteen. I hope to someday travel to France. It’s been a dream of mine since I started taking French classes. Seven years of useless French class that led me to living in Texas. Reeeeal helpful. Ha!

Sixteen. I drink everything without ice. The perfect drink temperature is room temperature. My perfect drink order is a Coke, no ice, with a straw.

Seventeen. I have a serious lead foot. Thankfully we have speed limits of 75 here in Texas, but it’s still not fast enough for this girl. It’s a serious problem for this girl.

Eighteen. Hair and makeup is not really my thing. I always tell myself I’ll get better at it when I’m older, but I guess that’s probably not true. I try, but good grief, some of y’all are like real makeup artists and I’m just trying to figure out which eyeshadow won’t make me look twelve.

Nineteen. My favorite restaurant to eat at is Cracker Barrel. I love their store and their food. We even have their rocking chairs on our front porch.

Twenty. When I was a kid, I was given free reign over decorating my bedroom. Which led to a lot of bright colors. Now, I’d be happy to rock some plain ol’ white.

Twenty One. I really want to get into canning vegetables and fruit. Maybe someday!

Twenty Two. I have an iPhone, but otherwise, I’m PC for life.

Twenty Three. We are about to celebrate our second anniversary. Our wedding was basically one big huge DIY project for me, and piqued my interest in decorating and design.

Twenty Four. The 4th of July will always be my favorite holiday. We’re pretty patriotic people, so it doesn’t get much better than that.

Thanks for sticking around and reading through all of my silly ramblings. I appreciate the time you take out of your day to visit my little blog. That’s all for today, friends. Have a fabulous day!

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